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Why Quarry Owners Should Rent A Machine Instead Of Buying

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We are all looking for ways to improve the quality of work we are doing at our quarry or fabrication facility. 

But what is going to help us do that? Quarry owners face some common problems. You want to be able to increase your production while minimizing cost, ensure that you are always running at a high level of efficiency and make sure you consistently turn in a high-quality product to your customers. 

A new machine helps you accomplish all of these things. Purchasing a new machine is an investment in your business, but you want to make sure you get the right one. 

That’s where we come in. We want to help you find the right machine—so much so that we’ll let you try one out before you make the full commitment to purchase. Renting a machine is a great option for you if you aren’t sure what you need at this time. 

Here are some reasons why quarry owners should rent a machine with us.

Save time and money

If you’re not utilizing the right machine for your quarry, you are likely experiencing wasted time and money causing inefficiencies in your production. If a machine breaks down, you need to repair it quickly. A broken machine can cause a bottleneck that prevents you from hitting your goals and staying on budget. A rental machine offers an excellent option to replace the current machine in the interim, which keeps you on target and helps you save money. 

Renting a machine helps you by: 

  1. Increasing your productivity and efficiency
  2. Maximizing your quarry’s output

Renting is a great way to learn more about your needs

We have different lines available for rent, and you can rent different machines based on the seasons to see which is the best for you. 

Before we rent or sell a machine to any of our clients, we use our thorough N.E.A.D.S Analysis of what you need most out of your next machine so we can better equip your quarry or fabrication facility with the best fit. 

Renting a machine first gives you more time to try it out and learn more about the machine. 

We are here for you

It’s a challenge to find the correct machine, but we commit to working with you to guide you through the selection process, eliminate confusion and get you back to what you do best and at a high level. We represent some of the best manufacturers in the world with seven primary Italian vendors.

When you rent a machine from us, you get a partner who will work with you to make sure you always have the right solution when you need it. If you’re interested in renting a stone machine, reach out to us today by either calling 404-633-2201 or by emailing us at rentals@eurostoneusa.com.

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