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Competition fosters innovation

The best Italian Stone Manufacturers on the market.

No one cuts stone better than the Europeans. Rome was built using stone and marble from quarries all across Italy, and while Rome wasn’t built in a day, the quarries used to build Rome are still active today!

The success of those earliest stone manufacturers led to competition in neighboring quarries, and that competition led to technological innovations as one manufacturer looked to gain an advantage over its competitors.

That competition continues across Italy today, and it’s why we’ve chosen to partner with the 6 best stone manufacturers in the world, all of which reside across Italy. Our clients deserve the best, so If you want to find the very best stone machine in the world, why not go directly to the source?

Italy and Austria


03012 Anagni, Province of Frosinone, Italy


Giacomini Officine Meccaniche Srl, Via Cav. Anacleto Cirla, 25, 28883 Gravellona Toce VB, Italy

Marini Quarries Group

Via Beura, 44, 28844 Villadossola VB, Italy


OMEC srl, Via Arzignano, 186, 36072 Chiampo VI, Italy


SIMEC S.p.A., Via Enrico Fermi, 4, 31030 Castello di Godego TV, Italy

Schwing Stetter

Heizwerkstraße 6, 1230 Wien, Austria

Fantini machine


Fantini has been around since 1914, giving the business a wealth of experience and industry-leading knowledge. Many chainsaws are simply known as “Fantini” in the industry.

Giacomini machine


Giacomini cranes are ideal for any type of stone quarry or fabrication facility, and they are versatile. These entirely electric cranes will immediately help you save money on gas, and employment costs because they can be operated by a single user.

Marini machine


Marini is one of the world leaders in innovating new wire saw technology and drilling systems that can easily maneuver through marble and granite quarries.

OMEC machine


OMEC Systems can take care of your biggest production needs—all of this while running and cleaning themselves independently—it’s just a matter of which system best fits your immediate needs.

SIMEC machine


SIMEC is your stop for all your natural stone, ceramic, and composite stone fabricating needs. With machines and plants all over the world, you can see the precision and quality that SIMEC helps you achieve.

Schwing Mobile Wire Saw


Schwing is a world leader for concrete construction machines. They just launched their first machine for the natural stone industry. The new diamond wire saw allows for cutting raw blocks of any type of stone.