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We bring the best European stone machines to the U.S. market

Helping stone producers keep up the latest technology.

Eurostone opened its doors in 1985

The Italians have been cutting and processing stone for thousands of years. Eurostone was created to help deliver Europe’s higher-quality machinery and advanced automation techniques to the US.

Our owner, Wade Egnor, has worked for many years in the stone industry. He knows the European vendors well and believes in the technological innovations taking place there. Wade works directly with the manufacturers to improve machinery product lines being offered in the USA.

Meet our team

picture of Wade Egnor - President/Senior Sales Advisor

Wade Egnor

President/Senior Sales Advisor

headshot of George Vendrame - Senior Sales Advisor

George Vendrame

Senior Sales Advisor

headshot of Portia Egnor Whisenhunt - Executive Assistant - Sales & Marketing

Portia Egnor Whisenhunt

Operations Manager & Shipping

headshot of Karla Egnor - Administration - Office Manager

Karla Egnor

Administration – Office Manager

headshot of Carmen Aeberhard - Accounting Controller

Carmen Aeberhard

Accounting Controller

Paul Herzog

Accounting Department

Nora Aguilar

Parts Manager

headshot of Stefano Favotto - Master Technician

Stefano Favotto

Master Technician

headshot of Dwayne Guillot - Service Advisor

Dwayne Guillot

Service Advisor

Our team has nearly 40 years of experience in the stone industry. We’re always available to answer your questions.

2 men sitting at a table discussing a machine at a conference

What you can expect

We work closely with you from the first point of contact to make sure you get exactly what you need for your quarry or fabrication facility, whether that be new, used, rental machines or spare parts.

This starts with asking the right questions through our thorough N.E.A.D.S Analysis.

N.E.A.D.S Analysis:

  • Now:

    What do you do now? What you have now will help us see what machine might be the right fit in the future.
  • Enjoy:

    What do you like about what you’re doing now? How you feel about your current processes tells us if our product is inside or outside of the limitations.
  • Alter:

    What would you like to alter about what you’re doing now?
  • Decision:

    Who, in addition to yourself, will make the final design?
  • Solution:

    If we are fortunate enough today to find a solution that fits your needs, would you be in the position to proceed? This helps us begin to create a timeline.

Not sure what machine you need?

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