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Rent to own or try out a new machine before you commit.

Not sure what stone machine you need for your quarry or fabrication facility? We’ll conduct a N.E.A.D.S. Analysis to determine what’s right for you and guide you through every step of the way. If you’re not ready to buy yet, renting a machine is your answer.



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HubSpot Video

Fantini Terna
Squaring chainsaw

The extremely versatile Terna allows the operator to quickly reach anywhere in the quarry to execute vertical cuts. Whether it's blocks spread around your quarry or several different quarry faces, stop losing time setting up your cutting equipment or moving blocks to a dedicated saw. 
Another major advantage of the Terna is the operator works from a cab, which allows them to be protected from heat, cold or rain.

Oh, and one last thing, did we mention the Terna cuts completely dry?

Technical Specifications

Cutting Depth: 11’ 2”
Cutting Width: 1.5”
Cutting Speed: 0 - 10" per minute (dependent on rock type)
Weight: 22,046 lbs

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Fantini 70 Series
Quarry chainsaw

The 70RA/P chainsaw is the best-selling quarry chainsaw in the world!
The 70RA/P is designed to execute horizontal and vertical cuts on marble and other similar stone without the need for water cooling. Cutting can be controlled manually or automatically from a remote, providing safety and ease of use for the operator.

To move, the 70 RA/P comes with modular rails that are linked together.

Technical Specifications
Cutting Depth: 9'-10'
Width of Cut: 1.5”
Main Power Supply: 480 Volts 60Hz 3-phase
Machine Weight: 14,770 Lbs.
Cutting Speed: 0 - 10" per minute (dependent on rock type)

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Marini Voyager
Hydraulic drill

The quarry Voyager is a compact hydraulic drill designed to execute vertical, horizontal or inclined holes. It’s built on tracks, to maximize mobility and reduce the need for auxiliary equipment.

Technical Specifications
Power Pack Engine - 23 HP Diesel Motor
Rotary Head - D160, API - 2 3/8"

Look to Drawing on the Right
Pos. 1: Manual 250° rotation of the drilling unit 
Pos. 2: Hydraulic motorized 200° slide frontal rotation
Pos. 3: Manual positioning drilling unit, stroke 400 mm 
Pos. 4: Hydraulic positioning drilling slide, stroke 600 mm
Pos. 5: Hydraulic frontal slide inclination +30° - 45°
Pos. 6: Hydraulic horizontal slide positioning from + 30 to + 800 mm from the quarry level 

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