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Types of Fantini Tracks

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Fantini is known as the industry leader and produces the best quarry chainsaws on the market. Quarries that use their chainsaws to extract natural and ornamental stone typically see increased productivity and reduced downtimes. Among the many specs that set them apart, the tracks on which they run are revolutionary and a large reason for increased productivity. Explore the different types of Fantini tracks below. 


Fantini’s modular rail (known as RA/P) is designed for making horizontal and vertical cuts of marble and other tough stones, all without the need for water cooling. Imagine the time and resources you’d be able to save by eliminating the need for water cooling. 

Modular machines:

  • 50.81 Bench Saw: Designed for medium hardness stone. 
  • 50.90 Bench Saw: Designed for medium hardness stone as well as cutting and squaring in quarries with sloped banks. 
  • 70RA/P.AO Bench Saw: the best-selling bank saw in the world.

Click here for more information about Fantini Bench Saws.

BU System

The BU system also allows you to make horizontal and vertical cuts in marble and other tough stones without the need for water cooling. It also can rapidly reposition itself longitudinally without the need for lifting equipment, saving you time and resources. 

BU machine:

70RABU: bank saw machine with a cutting capacity of up to 5.1 m.

Mono Rail

Mono Rail machines use self-propelled saws to make cuts into quarry floors and squaring blocks, also without the need for water. 


70BU-C: uses a diesel engine which means an entirely autonomous operation. This eliminates the need for any electrical connections to generators or power gris. 

What type of Fantini track would work best in your quarry or fabrication facility? We’re here to help you find out. Reach out to us here and we’ll get started. 

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