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MEC Splitters: PX vs PH vs C Splitters

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If you’re looking at various splitters for blocks or irregular stone, especially MEC, you may have some questions around the PH, PX, and C series splitters. What sets them apart from each other as well as other manufacturers, and which splitter is right for you?

What’s the difference between the PH, PX, and C?

How the PH series splits:

When it comes to the PH machine, it’s a two-step process:

  1. The first step is bringing each hydraulically adjusted chisel down until they touch the stone.
  2. Next, the operator locks the line of adjustment on the chisels and activates the splitting ram. 

A significant advantage of hydraulic adjustments is that it enables high precision and much thinner splits in situations where PX or C blades adjustments would likely crush the stone.

How the PX series splits:

The PX machine stands out because of its one-step process:

  1. Once the blade touches the surface of the stone, the chisels adapt mechanically and continue to create pressure on the stone until the proper split is made.

How the C series splits:

The C series has an open frame design with mechanically adjusting chisels that allow for high-speed manual processing. With the operator directly in front of the splitting area, movement of the stone for multiple splits is simplified. 

Why MEC splitters over other manufacturers?

MEC offers two things that we are confident won’t be beat:

  1. Splitter customization. Don’t be forced to buy a splitter that doesn’t match your exact needs; get a splitter built for you.
  2. Expert knowledge. Have a team ready to work with you, providing a solution that maximizes your production by working properly with your specific equipment and stone. 

Concerning the technical aspects, they are built to last, utilizing heavy duty frames and durable components. All MEC splitters can also be integrated into complete splitting systems. These aspects add much more value to our customers than similar machines from other vendors.

Which splitter is right for me? 

The hydraulic adjustment of the chisels defines the PH series and is the core difference from the PX series. While the splitting of the PH can be a little slower, it gives you more flexibility in choosing the right line of adjustment of the chisels. For some types of stone, it can dramatically impact the quality and reliability of splitting, especially on thin and wide material. Sometimes, the difference of split quality from the PH can be 50-70% better than the PX series. However, on some stones, the result is almost the same across the series. Not all stones split equally! 

However, the PX series is the faster option and shares the impressive splitting power the PH series provides (over 660 tons!). If you are not worried about splitting thin and wide material but volume is your goal, the PX series is probably right for you.  

Last but not least, the C series, unlike the PH and PX, has an open frame design. This allows the operator to stand directly in front of the machine to position material accurately and quickly, but also limits the splitting power. If you are splitting medium to smaller stone, the C series is the one for you. 

If you need a splitting machine, we’d love to help you find the right one for your production facility. Reach out to us here and we’ll get started with a custom N.E.A.D.S. analysis.

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