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Fantini Terna For Rent

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Fantini’s Terna is an extremely versatile squaring chainsaw. If your quarry could use a new way to cut and spread blocks, it’s an excellent option for you. And good news! We currently have a Fantini Terna available for rent. 

Maybe you’re not ready to buy at this time, or perhaps you’re not sure the Fantini Terna is right for you just yet. That’s where a rental machine can come in handy. Learn the ins and outs of the machine and weigh the benefits while you determine what’s right for your quarry. Plus, if you’ve already purchased a Terna, you may choose to rent one now while you wait for yours to arrive. 

All that to say, there are plenty of reasons to rent a Fantini Terna! 

What to know about the Terna: 

  • It’s extremely versatile 
  • It allows the operator to quickly reach anywhere in the quarry
  • It allows you to execute vertical cuts
  • It eliminates the time typically spent setting up cutting equipment or moving blocks to a dedicated saw
  • The operator works from a cab, protecting them from the elements
  • It can cut completely dry

Technical specifications:

Cutting Depth: 11’ 2”

Cutting Width: 1.5”

Cutting Speed: 0 – 10″ per minute (dependent on rock type)

Weight: 22,046 lbs

If you’d like to rent our Fantini Terna, head here. We’re excited for you to experience the Terna and see what a difference it can make in your quarry.

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