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Why choose a Marini Diamond Wire Cutting Saw?

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There are many other diamond wire saws around the world, but none of them come close to the ability of a Marini saw

The Marini Quarries Group is known as the worldwide leader in the production of equipment for diamond wire cutting in marble and granite quarries. 

Marini produces a number of various saws with diamond wires of different diameters and lengths that can cut through just about any material on the planet while using fewer materials for waste compared to other solid blades. 

Here’s a brief description of the saws Marini has that would be a welcome addition to any stone quarry. 

Diamond Wire Saws for Marble and Similar Stones

  • The Micro Fil saw has a fixed wire speed and is a good lightweight option for squaring marble and granite blocks with a 12 HP motor and linear wire speed of 29m/s
  • The Mini Fil and Mini Fil Super use motors of 15,20 or 25 HP to cut marble or similar stones. They are ideal for block squaring marble or small cuts of the bench. 
  • The Mar Fil and Mar Fil Super were designed to cut marble with a fixed wire speed, they each have a 50 and 60 HP option, and the main difference between the two is the 75 HP option for the Mar Fil Super. 
  • The Mar Fil Super SP has both a 75 HP and 100 HP motor option to maximize the marble cutting power of this machine. This machine can weigh up to 5,290 pounds. 
  • Mobil Fil and Mini Mobil Fil are built to be easily transported around the quarry allowing you to make cuts rapidly. The Mobil fil has 30’ tracks that fold onto a radio-controlled crawler. The Mini model has 20’ tracks and has a considerably smaller engine at 15, 20 or 25 HP compared to the Mobil Fil’s 50 HP motor. 

Diamond Wire Saws for Granite

  • The Gran Fil Super comes with variable wire speed controlled by an inverter for cutting granite and similar stones. Marini has saws with 50, 60 and 75 HP motors 
  • The Min Fil Electronic and Mini Fil Super Electronic utilize variable wire speeds controlled by an inverter for cutting granite and similar stones. It’s ideal for block squaring and small cuts on the bench. 
  • The Gran Fil Super SP is part of Marini’s “heavy” series SP with a 4,850-pound 75 HP model or the 100 HP saw that weighs 5,291 lbs. 
  • The Mobil Fil and Mini Mobil Fil are also used to cut granite blocks. They are designed to be mobile and easy to move around the quarry to make cuts rapidly.

Marini has developed the best diamond wire technology to cut marble and stone, and here are just a few more of the benefits of a Marini diamond wire saw. 

  1. Higher cutting capacity: That means that these saws help you make your quarry more efficient in production. You can cut more materials faster and much easier than with just about any other saw on the market. 
  2. Low consumption: You don’t have to worry about wire consumption, damage to wires or any waste of usable materials. That means an overall cost benefit to the quarry owner. 
  3. Inventory: Since Marini is the world leader in diamond wire saw production, that means they also boast a vast inventory of parts. So, you’ll always have the parts you need when you need them. This helps you save money too by limiting any downtime on your quarry. 

Marini boasts some of the best saws in the world with leading technology and guarantees to help you maximize your production while saving on consumption. Does your quarry need another diamond wire saw? It’s time you take a look at Marini. 

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