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When and How to Use a Wire Saw in Your Quarry or Fabrication Facility

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Wire saws allow you to cut into marble and granite precisely and, in some cases, autonomously. But when is the right time to use a wire saw, and how do you choose between those out there? 

We’ll focus on two top vendors that offer wire saws: Marini and SIMEC.

Marini produces diamond wire saws for marble, granite, and civil engineering applications. You’ll experience high cutting capacity and low wire consumption. 

SIMEC was one of the first companies to manufacture a diamond wire cutting machine that is seen as more productive and simple than traditional gangsaws. 

Saws for marble

The Micro Fil is a lightweight option for squaring marble and granite blocks or making small cuts in civil engineering. It has a fixed wire speed. 

The Mini Fil and Mar Fil are ideal for block squaring or making small cuts. They each use a fixed wire speed to cut marble and similar stones. 

The Mini Mobil Fil is self-propelled and provides rapid positioning. It can be equipped with 15/20/25 HP marble saws and runs on 20’ tracks that fold on a crawler.

The Mobil Fil uses 30’ tracks that fold on a radio-controlled crawler. It allows you to make cuts rapidly and efficiently.

Saws for granite

The Mini Fil Super uses variable wire speeds controlled by an inverter and is ideal for block squaring or making small cuts on the bench.

The Gran Fil Super also utilizes a variable wire speed controlled by an inverter to make cuts. 

The SIMECWIRE boasts an innovative design, including a two-column structure and several configurations that vary depending on cutting width. Each can be configured with three different wire diameters, which allows you to experience a variety of different sheet thickness variations. 

What are you looking to achieve in your quarry or fabrication facility? We’re here to help you discover which machine or combination of machines is right for you and to guide you every step of the way. Reach out to us here to get started. 

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