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What You Need to Learn About Water Treatment Systems

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Your fabrication facility needs a consistent flow of high-quality water in order to be successful. Lack of adequate water runs the risk of shutting down key pieces of production equipment. Omec specializes in water treatment for the Stone Industry.

Omec equipment can take care of even your biggest production needs. Designed for continuous operation, the automated system even cleans itself.

There are two types of Omec systems: flanged and compact. 

Flanged systems: flanged silos are made of galvanized metal sections that are assembled on site. 


  • Self-cleaning
  • Long-lasting
  • High capacity
  • Fits in a shipping container 


  • Large plants
  • Plants that require a non-technical escort transport or container 

Compact systems: compact silos are made up of continuous cylinders that rest directly on the ground. This eliminates the need for columns and provides storage space for silo cones, sludge discharge valves, flocculent dosage stations, and the control panel at the base. 


  • Quick installation
  • Protected components

Are you in need of a water treatment system? At Eurostone, we offer only the best vendors and are here to help you determine what’s right for your facility. Get started today.

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