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What to know before purchasing a quarry crane

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There are limited suppliers of quarry cranes around the U.S. 

We’re one of the only North American providers of the best quarry cranes you can purchase. Giacomini cranes are the best cranes on the market by far. They are ideal for any type of stone quarry or fabrication facility, and they are very versatile. These entirely electric cranes will immediately help you save money on gas, and employment costs because they can be operated by a single user. 

Cranes come in different single or double-girder models and withstand loads up to 100 tons. Having those options for customization can be great for you as a buyer, but they can complicate things as you determine what you need exactly for your fabrication facility.

Here are some of the questions you should be able to answer before purchasing a quarry crane for your fabrication facility.

  • What is the height and width of the building from interior wall to interior wall? A crane has a span between 5 and 50 meters, so you need to first answer this question before determining what you need to fit your facility.
  • What type of load will you be picking up? Depending on what material and what size you’ll be picking up, then you can narrow down your options further.
  • What is the length of your building? These cranes can be built to your specifications and determining the exact height, width and length allow the manufacturer to customize your crane to truly help you optimize the space. 

If you work with Eurostone, we partner directly with Giacomini to provide these exact measurements to deliver these cranes ready for installation at your facility. Giacomini-trained technicians are available to erect these cranes at your facility, as well.

After we collect these 3 bits of information, we are able to put together a preliminary drawing and provide you with the following: 

  • The length of the runways
  • The span of the crane
  • The hook height of the crane
  • The capacity of the crane

From those talking points, we work closely with you over a matter of days to make sure everything fits your needs and what you want. From there, we can talk about the cost and put together a comprehensive package based on your needs. 

We’ve been working with Giacomini to deliver the best cranes in the world to the North American market. Read about some of the advantages of Gantry Cranes, and find out more on the specs of Bridge or Derrick Cranes, as well. 

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