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What to know before purchasing a bridge crane for your facility

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They are versatile and there are entirely electric bridge crane models available for purchase, which helps contribute to immediate cost savings. These electric cranes can be operated by a single user.

Giacomini Officine Meccaniche is the top Italian crane manufacturer with cranes that come in different single or double-girder models and can withstand loads up to 100 tons. 

There are limited suppliers of bridge cranes around the U.S., and Giacomini’s bridge cranes are synonymous with quality, reliability and robustness for heavy-duty operations. 

Guaranteed to fit your requirements 

These cranes are custom-fit depending on each job, and they come designed and manufactured guaranteed to fit each specific client’s requirements.

There are 3 questions outright that you need to be able to answer first when choosing a bridge crane for your operation.

  1. What is the width of the building where this crane will be installed? This measurement is taken from interior wall to interior wall.
  2. What is the type of load you will be picking up? This helps you determine whether a single or double-girder crane might be the best choice.
  3. What is the length of your building? This helps determine what your capacity is and whether or not a bridge crane is the best fit for your needs. What model would you need?

What model would you need?

Each of these cranes is assembled overhead at your facility. They easily and efficiently lift heavy stone materials, and they address the issue of time and space optimization. They are positioned on rails at higher levels up the walls of your facility to avoid interference with machines and storage on the ground level. 

With Giacomini, you have the option of choosing either a double or single-girder crane. Ultimately, when you’re looking to decide what model you need, two things prove to be most important: Space and capacity. 

The double-girder crane will have a much larger functional area and lifting capacity than its single-girder counterpart. So, the decision on what model is best for you largely depends on the available space at your facility and what you need to be able to lift.

Giacomini bridge crane models are built to span your entire facility. At the furthest point of each overhead beam, these cranes have fixed clasps and rubber bumpers that absorb the force and distribute the weight of the heavy load, so it doesn’t put added strain on the trolley system. This helps to keep the trolley carrying the payload moving on its track safely and securely. 

We’ll help you find the best bridge crane for the job

Giacomini bridge cranes are built with the same attention to detail and safety features like a self-braking motor and a lift-limiting device, which prevents any overload.

If you work with Eurostone, we partner directly with Giacomini to provide your exact facility measurements to deliver these cranes ready for installation at your facility. Giacomini-trained technicians are available to erect these cranes at your facility, as well.

We’ve been working with Giacomini for many years to deliver the best cranes in the world to the North American market, and we’re here to help you determine what you need. You can read more about the specs of other Giacomini machines here, and learn about the advantages of adding a gantry crane to your operation too. 

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