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What to expect when hiring a Quarry Master

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We recently added Quarry Services to our list of offerings. These subcontracting services help you hit your benchmarks while also giving you access to some of the best machines on the market with top-notch quarry experts who will make sure you get the highest level of production. 

But you may be hesitant to add this service because of all of the unknowns. We want to help clarify any questions you have and paint a clearer picture of what a typical day looks like for a Quarry Master or Quarry Foreman that gets added to your team. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about the service and what you can expect when you hire a Quarry Master for your quarry or fabrication facility.

How does this service begin?

We start with an interview and then a site visit, if possible. We use this time to assess your operational needs to determine how we can best tailor our services to fit your particular circumstances. This may involve a “labor-only agreement.”

Our experienced Quarry Master may visit your site and advise you on the most cost-effective ways to maximize your return. If you have new employees, our Quarry Master can train your personnel on the safe, efficient operation of your equipment. A skilled operator can come to your site and operate your equipment in order to fulfill a specific production goal.

What does a typical day look like?

Simply put, a Quarry Master shows up to do the work that needs to be done. They often get to a site and will start by helping service equipment, instructing others on how to use tools, or jumping in and immediately beginning the manual labor themselves. 

What is the greatest selling point for adding a Quarry Master/Quarry Foreman?

Quarry owners usually want an expert opinion to help them draw up the most productive plan to ensure the highest yield of blocks in tons.

This may mean they look at your work plan and agree with what you’re doing, or offer some alternatives to help you maximize your production. The Quarry Master helps you minimize waste and utilize the full range of equipment to its potential. Every cut matters and you don’t want to waste time, labor, or resources like consumables such as the diamond teeth of a wire saw, diesel fuel, or electricity. 

The Quarry Master is an extension of your team so he’s there to help you improve your production however possible. 

How long does the contract last?

The Quarry Master or Quarry Foreman’s contract can last from a few weeks up to several months. The Quarry Master will go back and forth to the quarry to check on the progress of whomever he directs, and when he’s away or working on another project, the Foreman sees that the work is done properly, as well. 

We are extremely excited to be able to offer these services now. Get to know the Quarry Master or Quarry Foreman who will be assisting you on your site! 

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