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What Sets Fantini Chainsaws Apart

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One of Eurostone’s most valued machine vendors is Fantini. You may have heard their name or even seen some of their machines in action. There are thousands of Fantini machines working in quarries around the world. Fantini is respected and known for their top quality and innovative quarry chainsaws. 

Fantini has been around since 1914, giving the business a wealth of experience and industry leading knowledge. In fact, many chain saws are simply known as “Fantini” by many in the industry. 

A brief history:

Luigi Fantini opened a small metal workshop in Rome in 1914 that lasted until the Second World War. In 1947, Fantini’s sons reopened the business and began producing industrial machinery parts for manufacturing companies. 

Then, in 1979, Fantini began manufacturing chain saw(s)to extract the building nearby. 

You can see an entire timeline and get a more detailed history on Fantini’s site here.

Why Fantini:

Whether it’s a bench chainsaw, tunnel chainsaw, squaring chainsaw, or gantry chainsaw, Fantini is the leader. Their quality and expertise simply cannot be beaten. Their range of chainsaws helps you minimize downtimes, reduce labor, and maximize productivity. 

We’d be thrilled to help you find the right Fantini for your production. Just reach out to us here and we’ll perform a thorough analysis to determine what’s right for you.

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