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What Quarry Machines Do You Need to Start a Quarry Business?

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If you’re starting a new quarry business, you’ve no doubt learned by now that this is a huge undertaking requiring detailed planning, significant financial investment, and endless learning. 

Acquiring the right quarry machines is one of the earliest and most important decisions in the entire process. Investing in the wrong equipment could cause significant production delays or unnecessary financial expenses later on. 

Here is the curated line-up of the top quarry machines you need to get started:

Drilling Quarry Machines

A strong drill can be used across a variety of different terrains and allow for increased precision when splitting. Quarry drills also help with water drainage, building support structures, and stone cutting. Some of our favorite models include both hydraulic drills and pneumatic drills from Marini. 

Gangsaws, Diamond Wire Saws, and Chainsaws

Saws of all types are critical for cutting stone blocks from the quarry and preparing them for further cutting, finishing, or transport. They allow for greater precision in shaping and help minimize waste on the quarry floor. For the best of European manufacturing, see our selection of Fantini Quarry Chainsaws, Marini and Schwing Diamond Wire Saws (DWS), and SIMEC Gangsaws

Cranes For Moving Stones and Equipment

Cranes are the true heavyweights of essential quarry machines. They can be indoors or out, lift heavy granite and marble blocks or slabs, and transport stone or equipment quickly across great distances. The reliability and performance of Giacomini cranes are unmatched in the market. All three types cover every need:

Water Treatment Systems

A water treatment system allows you to clean and reuse water in your factory and reduce the freshwater your operation consumes. This increases sustainability and complies with environmental regulations. It also provides a reliable, on-site source of water for dust control and cooling down equipment. The industry-leading models from OMEC are available as both Flanged systems and Compact systems, depending on the size of your factory and your operational needs. 

Build Your Inventory of Top Quarry Machines With Us!

If you’re launching a new quarry business, you’ll need the experts in your corner. At Eurostone USA, we’re proud to offer the finest quality European stone processing equipment and have an experienced team of technicians and consultants ready to answer any questions you may have. Reach out today, and let’s get your quarry started!

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