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What makes SIMEC’s SFERA Gangsaw the best

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When your facility receives large marble or stone blocks, you need to have the right machine to help you turn those into manageable slabs. 

The right machine helps you make sure you get all you can out of that block. SIMEC has perfected this with its SFERA Gangsaw. 

Check out the SFERA Gangsaw in action.

This Gangsaw is the result of SIMEC’s more than 45 years of experience sawing marble, stone and composite materials.

Here are some of the characteristics that make the gangsaw the best on the market: 

  • The SFERA Gangsaw uses multi-wire blades that move in a rectilinear motion to make cuts along the marble block. 
  • There’s a double-connected rod transmission system that powers a flywheel, which makes each movement smooth. 
  • You can outfit your SFERA blade rack with either an 80 or 100-blade system depending on the version you need at your facility. 
  • The saw’s back and forth sliding rack moves easily to create minimal friction. 
  • These machines feature an electro-mechanical braking device that stops the blade during the cutting phase, and it has other built-in safety features that check for the wear and tear on different machine components. 

When you purchase one of SIMEC’s SFERA Gangsaws, you can select either a version with an electromechanical or touch-screen control panel, which is built to put all of the machine’s main functions at your fingertips. This helps you make sure the operator has complete control of all working phases of the sawing process. 

These saws are used in different facilities all around the world. They are built to exceed expectations of reliability, productivity and consumption. If you want to learn more about this machine or want to talk to someone to determine if this machine is right for you, reach out to us today. 

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