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What Makes MEC Unique?

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There are only a handful of splitter manufacturers in the world, and even fewer that build high-end production equipment. MEC builds the finest splitters available. 

Advanced design and the fact that every machine is custom built to customer requirements leaves MEC unmatched in this market. But what else makes MEC unique?

MEC machines are fully customizable

The most important thing about MEC is that they build every single machine completely custom! 

Each machine is fully customized to whatever the customer needs. MEC is the only manufacturer that does this, and they can design and build size and power that others simply cannot. 

Their capabilities are diverse

Because MEC machines are custom-built, there are plenty of features and options that can be added to this equipment. Depending on your needs, you can add mechanical pushers, pullers and aligners to position stone in the splitter, as well as a wide variety of speed and accuracy enhancing add-ons.

MEC is forward-thinking

MEC utilizes the latest technology in the design of their splitters. From computer-controlled machines, to electronic joystick manual-controls, the machines boast some of the most advanced features available. Some of the equipment can even link directly to the internet for management of production data and remote troubleshooting of the machines.

MEC is dependable 

MEC machines are built for dependable high-volume production of all types of stone.

With their splitting power, efficiency, and size, you can be confident in their ability to split any natural stone. If you’re looking for a better way to split stones, MEC is the answer for you. Eurostone Machine represents MEC in North America, so reach out to us today to get started.

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