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Wade’s Pro Tip – Marini Pneumatic Drill

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Marini is one of the world leaders in innovating new wire saw technology and drilling systems that can easily maneuver through marble and granite quarries. The Marini Pneumatic Drill, Big Rustica, is a heavy-range block cutter, for vertical and horizontal drilling in bench or block, squaring. It is equipped with roto-percussion drifters.

When working with the Marini Big Rustica, here is a pro tip from our President, Wade, on how to use the drilling rig: 

Pro tip for Marini Big Rustica on how to use the drilling rig: First, open the flushing then start drilling with the “slow start” control – the drifters work at 30%. After 1” of drilling, the hammer’s full power is activated until the end of the drilling. After drilling finishes, stop percussion and flushing and bring up the carriage. Repeat with subsequent holes. 

To learn more about all Marini machines, click here: https://www.eurostoneusa.com/marini/.

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