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Wade’s Pro Tip: Fantini Terna

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The Fantini Terna is extremely versatile, and can quickly reach anywhere in the quarry, whether it is blocks spread across the quarry or even cuts executed directly at the face of the quarry wall.

As the Terna travels to the block and not the other way round, the Terna saves you time.

The operator works from a cabin, protected from cold, heat, rain, and wind. without needing support staff. 

When working with the Fantini Terna, here is a pro-tip for the nose from our President, Wade:

Pro-tip for Fantini Terna: The nose wheel assembly contains a bearing that the nose wheel rotates around. To protect this bearing, always have the nose wheel part of the bar protruding out of the block. 

To learn more about Fantini chainsaws, click here: https://www.eurostoneusa.com/fantini/

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