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Wade’s Pro Tip: Fantini Terna XXL Bar

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The Fantini Terna is extremely versatile, and can quickly reach anywhere in the quarry, whether its blocks are spread across the quarry or when cuts are executed directly at the face of the quarry wall.

The Terna can come with either an XL Bar or an XXL Bar. When using the XXL Bar, there are two wheels, one at the top and one at the bottom of the bar that should never be used for cutting. 

When working with the Fantini Terna, here is a pro-tip for the XXL Bar from our President, Wade: 

Pro-tip for Fantini Terna XXL Bar: Your Terna comes equipped with a block stop. The block stop can prevent you from using the wheels on the XXL Bar during the cutting process. Simply unscrew the tip of the block stop until the proper length is reached. Then, use the lock nut to lock the screw permanently in place.

To learn more about Fantini chainsaws, click here: https://www.eurostoneusa.com/fantini/

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