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Verona Fair Recap

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What an incredible time we had at the Marmomac 2023 vendor fair for natural stone, machinery, and tools. There were over 1,500 companies represented with some of the most innovative displays to date. It’s always a wonderful time, but this year surpassed years previous in more ways than one. Here are some of the highlights!

Connecting With Our Italian Manufacturers 

We’re proud to share that all of our manufacturers were in attendance, and we were grateful for the opportunity to connect and learn together. It was also the perfect time to discover new products and features coming in the future. We’re excited about what 2024 and beyond holds for each of them.

The Art: A Matter of Stone

Presenting one of the most creatively crafted natural stone art displays, Elle Decor Italy asked the question, “What is possible to design with stone materials, and how can they be used to develop architectural, decorative and interior design solutions?”

It was an exceptional display that showcased several innovative achievements, iconic creative projects, and the latest in cutting-edge solutions. The true and untapped potential of natural stone was breathlessly expressed by talented architects and designers. From furniture and surfaces to objects and environments, each one showcased the quality, beauty, and unique versatility of natural stone.

Live Installation

Giorgio Canale, designer and executive creative director of DDM International Branding Agency, designed an installation that brought both gallery-worthy art and technological production to life. Over the course of the fair, the piece took shape, one high-powered water stream at a time. See it in action here, from Marmomac’s Instagram page.

Masters of Stone

Four new Masters of Stone were recognized, a highly prestigious acknowledgment that goes back to the year 1319. This award is for those who distinguish themselves in their efforts to advance and promote the world of natural stone and its hidden potential. See this year’s winners here.

Looking Forward To 2024

Are you interested in attending with us next year? We’d love to hear from you.

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