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Top Italian Stone Cutting Machines from 2023

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As we welcome 2024, we present cutting-edge stone machines from top brands, embodying Italian craftsmanship for precision, efficiency, and innovation. Explore exceptional models from Fantini, Marini, and SIMEC: 

1. Fantini Squaring Chainsaw – Terna

Fantini, a name synonymous with excellence since its inception in 1914, brings you the Terna—an incredibly versatile and efficient chainsaw. Capable of reaching blocks across the quarry or executing precise cuts at the quarry wall, the Terna operates from a protected cabin, saving time and eliminating the need for additional support staff. Fantini’s legacy in the stone industry is marked by innovation and a commitment to top-quality quarry chainsaws.

2. Marini Hydraulic Drill – Giraffa 360 HV

The Marini Quarries Group, a global leader in hydraulic and pneumatic drills, presents the Giraffa 360 HV. This fully remote-controlled hydraulic mobile unit is designed for precise drilling on various surfaces. With a powerful 150HP engine, two rock drills, and the ability to drill up to 13.1 feet, the Giraffa 360 HV ensures high productivity with minimal energy consumption. Marini’s dedication to innovation positions it at the forefront of technological advancements in stone quarrying.

3. SIMEC Granite and Marble Polisher – Orbital

SIMEC’s Orbital sets a new standard in stone polishing, offering independently moving spindles for optimal results on irregular slabs. Unlike traditional machines, the Orbital’s bridges enable each spindle to move independently, covering a larger surface area quickly and accurately. With over 50 years of technological expertise, SIMEC ensures the Orbital meets the highest standards in stone processing. This adaptable and precise machine is a valuable asset for any fabrication facility.

Ready to elevate your stone-cutting operations? Contact us today for personalized consultations and to explore the perfect Italian machine for your needs.

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