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The Top Quarry Chainsaws on the Market

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With more than 2,000 chainsaws working around the world, Fantini is the industry leader that produces the best quarry chainsaws on the market.

Fantini has technological know-how in the design and creation of stone extraction chainsaw machines that can only come from years of study and research in the field. 

Fantini has the commitment to improving implemented technologies to continue to provide the top quarry chainsaws on the market. The Fantini catalog includes bench chainsaws, tunnel chainsaws, squaring chainsaws and gantry chainsaws that offer customized solutions.

Fantini’s range of chainsaws for extracting natural and ornamental stones help you: 

  • Minimize Downtimes
  • Reduce Labor
  • Maximize Productivity

Read below to learn more about the lineup:

Bench Chainsaws

Fantini offers six different bench chainsaws with its 70RA/P chainsaw being the best-selling bench saw in the world. Find out more about the full line of bench chainsaws we can help connect you with to maximize your quarry production.

Tunnel Chainsaws

Fantini’s line of tunnel chainsaws features four machines with self-propelled and single-operator technology. The GU70RXC is the most popular machine in the world for opening up and exploring a tunnel cave. Fantini’s GU50-SC is the compact model for tunnel extraction work and the SV50 is a special version in this family of chainsaw machines built for tunnel excavations that are designed to perform the rear cutting of blocks while tunneling advances forwards.

Squaring Chainsaws

Fantini’s squaring chainsaws are extremely versatile. The 70BU-C is a self-propelled saw designed for making cuts into quarry floors and squaring blocks without the need for water, the SV-C/70 chainsaw is designed to execute vertical and frontal cuts on large banks or large blocks in stone quarries, and the Fantini Terna, which you can rent from us today, allows you to quickly reach anywhere in the quarry, whether it’s blocks spread over the quarry, banks on the ground or even cuts executed directly at the front of the bank.

Gantry Chainsaws

Fantini has two gantry chainsaws, the SQB/P/E and SQB/P, each of which can be programmed using a computerized system loaded with positioning and cutting parameters. Once the cutting sequence is programmed, the machine operates in automatic cycles that allow you to cut even at night, without the need for an operator.

We want to help you find the right Fantini machine for your production. Just reach out to us here and we’ll perform a N.E.A.D.S. analysis to determine what’s right for you!

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