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The Power of the Fantini Terna, Bench Saws, and Tunnel Saws

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Fantini chainsaws are not widely used in quarries in the United States, but we want to change that. As the chainsaw industry leader, Fantini produces a range of chainsaws for extracting natural and ornamental stones to help you increase productivity. 

Here’s a breakdown of bench saws, tunnel saws, and the Fantini Terna: 

The Fantini Terna

The Terna’s main benefit is its mobility. It allows the machine to go anywhere in the quarry to cut stone (rather than stone needing to be brought to the machine). 

You can learn more about the Terna here

Fantini Bench Saws

Bench saws, also known as bank saws, extract stone directly from the stone bench (or face). They’re able to perform larger jobs such as quarrying out large chunks of stone from the side of mountains. 

Fantini Tunnel Saws

Tunnel saws cut underground. The main benefit is that they allow quarries to create and explore tunnel caves to extract stone that is not easily accessible. 

A combination of Fantini machines

While each Fantini machine is powerful on its own, just imagine the efficiency, accessibility, and power you’d experience with a combination of machines. The Terna gives you more mobility, bench saws allow you to extract stone directly from the stone’s face, and tunnel saws allow you to extract stone you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 

By combining two or three of these machines, you’re setting your quarry up for success. 

Ready to see the difference that Fantini machines can make? Reach out to us today and we’ll get started with a N.E.A.D.S. analysis to determine exactly what’s right for your quarry.

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