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The Importance of Water Recycling Systems

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Water is essential to any stone fabricator. Without it, we simply cannot operate – we need it to cut and polish marble, quartz, granite, and more. And especially as we begin automating more and more processes within our operations, water recycling is vital. That’s where water recycling systems come in. 

The benefits of a water recycling system:

Less cost. How often are you pumping your waste water collection pit? What are the costs associated with water recycling? 

Less labor. How do you dispose of waste? Could an automated system help here? 

More accessibility. Water can often be taken for granted – it’s easy to access and often feels unlimited. But what about when a pump fails, a well runs dry, or a local ordinance changes? Recycling your water can create your own controlled supply and help protect against these threats. 

Eco-friendly. Your customers care about how you’re impacting our earth. By recycling water, you’re able to prove that you’re taking steps to operate as a green company. 

When it comes to water recycling machines, we always recommend OMEC systems.

The benefits of an OMEC system:

High standard. OMEC produces custom water systems that are built to a very high standard. In fact, their systems can last for more than 20 years! 

More capacity. They have drastically more capacity than competitors. Their systems have a metal tank for holding water, rather than plastic, and a much more robust filterpress unit. 

Automatic. They operate on a closed-loop system which means they run fully automatically, while other methods require cleaning. 

Two options. The two models offered are flanged and compact. Flanged systems have silos that can be broken down and can fit into a shipping container. Compact systems have faster set-ups times, and can shelter the other components from the environment at the base. 

If you’re ready to see what an OMEC water recycling system can do for your operation, we’re ready to talk. Let’s get started. 

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