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The Difference Between Giraffa Drill and Baby Giraffa Drill

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When it comes to hydraulic drills, the two biggest and best machines are the Giraffa 360 Drill and Baby Giraffa Drill, both from Marini. Both are similar but have significant differences that can drastically change the way your quarry operates. 

First, if you’re curious about hydraulic systems VS pneumatic systems, read this article first to see the benefits of each.  

The main differences between the Giraffa Drill and Baby Giraffa Drill:

Giraffa 360 Drill

The Giraffa drill is entirely remote-controlled, allowing for vertical and horizontal drilling on any incline and any rock. It’s ideal for working in a bank with no rival in terms of agility, ease, and efficiency. 

It allows for vertical and horizontal drilling on any incline and on any type of rock while maximizing your drilling reach. 

Unlike any other drill in the Marini lineup, the Giraffa 360 utilizes a weather temperate cabin, allowing you to work comfortably. 

Giraffa 360 Drill


  • 36 feet long (it gets its name from its long neck)
  • 2 rock drills: can be used separately or at the same time
  • Pace of 6-7 pneumatic drills
  • A one-man machine and does everything by itself, without the need for lifting equipment
  • Totally remote control (the drill and the tracks)


  • 99% will see bending with more than 15 feet
  • Half benches at 4-5 meters
  • You may have to slow it down to keep the drill straight 
  • It’s a hydraulic system, meaning it takes more to maintain 

Baby Giraffa Drill

The Baby Giraffa drill is the compact little brother to the Giraffa 360. What makes it stand out is its size and mobility, coming on wheels or tracks. The movement and drilling are all completely remote-controlled. 

What most people love is the increased bank drilling and block squaring capacity that the Baby Giraffa provides through minimized setup times and maximized mobility. 

Baby Giraffa Drill


  • Tracks are more stable, and they are about as fast as the wheels 
  • Can be transported in a started 20-foot truck with no dismantling 


  • It does not have a weather temperate cain that the operator could work in
  • It requires stabilizers, which could take about 5-10 minutes to position 

Whether you go with a Giraffa or baby Giraffa, you’re in great hands with a Marini drill. In over 40 locations across the globe, Marini produces drills with high versatility, durability, and innovation.

Ready to discover which machine is right for you? We’d love to talk. You can learn more about other Marini drills here or contact us about your specific needs here

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