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The Chainsaw for Underground Quarries: The Fantini GU70RXC

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Need to work and cut in underground quarries? We’ve got you covered with the Fantini GU70RXC. It’s the most popular machine in the world for opening and exploring a tunnel. 


  • Single operator
  • Cuts up to 3.2 meters
  • Can handle any type of stone except for granite
  • Dry cutting methods, meaning no need for water
  • Fastest machine that can perform like this


  • A turning head system that allows you to perform a complete tunnel advancement with only one positioning, saving you time and increasing safety
  • Two side extensions that allow you to easily move as needed throughout the tunnel
  • A powerful electric motor, allowing for low noise levels and clean air
  • An arm that can rotate by 360 degrees to allow vertical and horizontal cuts at the tunnel face 


  • Cutting Depth: 9′ 10″ (XXL)
  • Chain Rotation Speed: 0- 5’5″ /sec
  • Tunnel Height: 18′ 6″ max

Technical specifications:

  • Total installed power: 60 kW
  • Total machine mass: 30000 Kg
  • Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 450 liters
  • Chain rotation speed: 0-1.7 m / sec
  • Max useful cutting depth: 3.2 m
  • Movement speed on tracks: 1 Km / h
  • Grease tank capacity: 30 dm3
  • Noise level in operation (1): 85 dB (A)

The best part about the GU70RXC is that it can be configured according to your specific needs, so you know you’re getting the best services possible. 

If you’re in the market for a machine that can help you cut in underground quarries, reach out to us. We’ll help you determine whether the GU70RXC is right for you and help you implement it if it is. 

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