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The Advantages of Giacomini Gantry Cranes

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Across the U.S., there are limited suppliers of Gantry Cranes. Giacomini offers the best Gantry Cranes on the market, and there isn’t much competition that comes close.

These cranes are ideal for any type of stone quarry or fabrication facility, but they can be used in many different applications. These cranes are characterized by their high quality from the design to installation at the site.

Giacomini works with you to help build cranes according to your specific needs, and we work with Giacomini to help deliver these Gantry Cranes to the North American market. But let’s talk first about some of the great advantages of a Giacomini Gantry Crane, and why its something you should consider investing in.

Cost/Time Savings

  • Electric vs. gas-powered: One of the biggest advantages to the use of a Gantry Crane at your site is that it’s powered entirely by electricity. Typically, in other facilities where they don’t have the same access to a Gantry Crane like this, they have to move heavy loads by using a forklift or loader, and these are usually powered by diesel engines. The operating costs of an electric hoist or motor are a fraction of a gas-powered forklift.
  • Operated by a single user: These machines are typically operated by one person with wireless remote control in their hand. With this control, you can pick up heavy loads, move them accurately to a new location and then drop the crane carrying the load down. On the contrary, a forklift or loader requires at least one person to operate the machine and then another to direct the driver. 


  • Different models: Giacomini Office Meccaniche designs and manufactures both single and double-girder Gantry Cranes. Each of these has its advantages, but each has an impressive capacity.
  • Capacity: Gantry cranes have capacities from 2 to 100 tons and span between 5 and 50 meters. Each of these types of cranes helps you optimize space at your facility. They can be positioned above vehicle pathways or inside a facility, giving them the ability to overcome almost any obstacle. 


  • Few people in the U.S. produce Gantry cranes: While these cranes have obvious advantages in your quarry, there are not many manufacturers who produce these types of cranes in the United States. We have a close relationship with Giacomini and can help set your business up with the right crane for whatever application you may need it for.
  • Trained technicians: The Gantry Crane can be tricky to erect at your quarry or facility. These cranes have large A-frame pieces that stretch from one end to the next, and they have to be properly installed by someone who knows what they are doing. We work with Giacomini-trained technicians who can fly in from Italy to make sure it is installed correctly and ready to use. We also provide a third-party weight tester who can come to your facility to test your crane and make sure you are confident in the installation. 

We know that the best Gantry Crane for your business is worth investing in, and the Giacomini Gantry Crane is the best crane to help improve the operation of your quarry by increasing safety, efficiency and overall product quality. We want to help connect you with the best Gantry Crane on the market. Interested? Reach out to us today.

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