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SIMEC’s Orbital produces optimal polishing results

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If you’ve used traditional polishing machines at your fabrication facility in the past, you’re aware of their limited capabilities. 

The movement of the machine’s bridge forces polishing spindles to move at the same time, and this limits the surface area you can polish on slabs of marble, granite or ceramics—it also makes polishing irregular slabs particularly difficult. 

SIMEC has found the best solution for this problem in its machine “The Orbital.” SIMEC’s Orbital produces optimal polishing results with its:

  1. Independently moving spindles: The Orbital is a revolutionary polisher with distinctive spindle movement. It has a series of spindles that have their own independent movement. 
  2. Speed: The polisher has several bridges attached across the machine to allow each slab to move across the spindles independently and quickly.
  3. Standardization: The machine’s spindles and mandrels each move in opposite directions for further standardization of the polishing motor. 
  4. Accuracy: Traditional polishing machines were less accurate in polishing the slab from edge to edge because they couldn’t cover the entire surface area. The Orbital allows you to cover a greater surface area because with a high level of precision and accuracy. 
  5. Adaptability: The machine can easily adapt to irregular slabs of stone without raising the polishing head.

SIMEC’s Orbital machine is a result of extensive research and an accumulation of more than 50 years of technology in the field of polishing. 

The machine’s mechanical solutions are highly reliable and carry the same high standard as any other machine in SIMEC’s product range. Check out more of the Orbital’s features here and learn more about the impact the Orbital can have on your fabrication facility. 

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