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Pro Tip with Portia: Spare Parts Tracking & Inventory

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Portia is the Chief Operations Officer & Shipping here at Eurostone. Here, in this video, she breaks down how you should organize spare parts and how to prioritize their purchase based on your exposure metrics. 

We’ve gone into a bit more detail below for extra credit and good measure.

Industry Best Practice

The sheer volume of equipment needed onsite at a quarry or stone facility is overwhelming. The parts for the same inventory multiply this ten to one hundredfold – or more. 

In manufacturing, stocking spare parts and creating a detailed management system are not only industry best practices but also mission-critical. You must have a clear understanding of what you have and how to find it to maintain optimized operations and keep downtime to a minimum. 

This should be accessible and organized for onsite technicians as well as in a spreadsheet for management, supplies, and maintenance. 

Spare Parts Inventory Recommendations

For each machine, compile a detailed list based on the following criteria:

Critical Parts

Critical parts for various pieces of quarry equipment are those that keep the machine from running, operating at top capacity, or could cause the machine to be damaged. 

Parts With Long Lead Times

It’s essential to have a backstock of parts that require long shipping or lead times before they can be fulfilled. This should be evaluated at least every quarter to ensure there are no gaps in production. 

Consumable Parts and Supplies

Any components of your quarry equipment that are consumed in operations must be regularly re-stocked and tracked. This includes parts like:

  • Drill bits
  • Air, oil, or fuel filters
  • Cutting edges or saws
  • Conveyor belts
  • Hydraulic hoses
  • Tires
  • Tracks
  • Electrical components

Budgeting For Spare Parts 

Once you have your list, this will help you help you determine a budget. The budget should be based on your company’s historical use and the machine manufacturer’s suggested routine maintenance program. 

Mitigating Exposure 

Calculate your exposure by determining the total cost of one hour of downtime. This will put the budget into perspective and make it easy to calculate the true ROI of a spare parts inventory. 

If you purchased your equipment through Eurostone, we can provide you with a customized spare parts list based on the equipment you have. Reach out today!

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