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Pro Tip: Giacomini’s Double Girder Crane vs. Single Girder Crane

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Gantry cranes move on rails at ground level and offer the perfect solution for any type of high, heavy lifting over long distances. They’re critical to operations where the structured support of a standard crane is missing. 

So which do you need? Single girder crane or double girder crane? They each have their purpose, but there are a few key differences. The advantage of the double girdle crane is increased stability.

A VISUAL DEMONSTRATION: Giacomini’s Double Girder Crane

For example, if you were to twist a single girder crane from the ends, there would be approximately 3ft of deflection. But if you were to do the same with a double girder crane, this has virtually no discernable deflection at all. 

Watch this quick video below for a visual demonstration from our President, Wade Egnor, of the difference in deflection. 

At the quarry or on location, such increased stability is essential for function and safety. Giacomini manufactures both single and double-beam Gantry Cranes with a wide range in capacity, from 2 to 100 tons, spanning from 16’ 5” to 131’ 3”.

With over 60 years as one of the world’s top lifting equipment manufacturers, Giacomini is a true pioneer in the stone market. From Derrick cranes and overhead cranes to single and double girder gantry cranes, we’re proud to offer a wide selection of their line of lifting equipment.

To learn more about Giacomini Gantry Cranes, click here: https://www.eurostoneusa.com/machines/giacomini-gantry-cranes/ 

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