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Pneumatic Drills VS Hydraulic Drills: the Differences and Benefits

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What’s the difference between pneumatic and hydraulic drills? And, more importantly, what’s right for you? 

Pneumatic Systems

Pneumatic systems work on the power of compressed air. With the help of modern technology, they have dramatically increased their drilling capabilities. Pneumatic systems are the solution to add production to a developed quarry. 

Pros of pneumatic systems:

  • More affordable
  • Less and easier maintenance
  • Add production 

When to use pneumatic systems:

A pneumatic system is ideal when your production requirements are on the low to medium side (roughly under 650 feet per day of drilling). 

An additional bonus is that due to their design, pneumatic drills are easy to maintain requiring less technical knowledge to keep running. However, if you have high production requirements or see your production ramping up, you’re going to want to consider a hydraulic system. Here’s why:

Hydraulic Systems

With a hydraulic system, you can adjust the rotation speed and percussion of the rock drills so you can easily control them and avoid any drilling deviation, even in longer holes. 

Unlike pneumatic systems you get more room to adjust the working parameters, such as rotation speed and percussion of the rock drills. This helps to make it easier to control and avoid any drilling deviation, even in longer holes. 

Pros of hydraulic systems:

  • Higher drilling efficiency
  • Fast positioning
  • Low energy consumption 
  • Less noise output
  • Remote control or cabin options

When to use hydraulic systems:

When you have high drilling demands or are developing a new area, a hydraulic system makes the most sense. They provide more power, efficiency, and overall features than pneumatic drills.

Hydraulic options:

If you’re starting a new project from scratch, the Baby Giraffa is the best drill.

If you’ve already set up but need to increase production, the Giraffa 360 is your solution. 

No matter what solution is right for you, we’re here to help you ensure you have exactly what you need for your job. Reach out to us with any questions about these or any other options. You can also click here to learn more about quarry drills or here to learn the difference between the Giraffa and Baby Giraffa. 

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