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New Vendor Feature: Schwing and Its Mobile Diamond Wire Saw

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We’re excited to bring this next piece of essential quarry equipment to our clients in the U.S. Another premium quality European manufacturer, Schwing, has been making durable and high-performance heavy machinery for 90 years since its founding in 1934.

Their entire line-up of premium products includes concrete mixers, truck mixers, batching plants, concrete pumps, and now diamond wire saws. They have prioritized environmentally friendly operations with all of their products, making compliance and safety easy to accomplish. 

Schwing-Stetter products offer some of the highest resale value and low-maintenance operations for each piece, promoting the cost-effective nature of their products to you, the customer. Their dedication to reliability and craftsmanship is evident in their unmatched engineering. 

The Innovative Mobile Diamond Wire Saw (MDS-5034)

This new diamond wire saw is their flagship saw and was specifically designed for the natural stone industry. Its primary function is to cut tranches directly in the designated extraction zone or cut any type of raw stone block. 

Its capacity for mobility lends itself well to large quarries that need to maintain constant production or smaller quarries that need ultimate flexibility. This mobile saw can be operated remotely, increasing operator safety.

The MDS-5034 was designed as a hybrid machine. The wire saw can operate completely self-sufficiently with diesel fuel or electricity (when available), allowing for an energy-saving and emission-free effort.

This machine is capable of entirely off-road movement and comes standard with all-wheel drive, tilt adjustment, three front-steering modes, and crab steering. 

MDS-5034 Technical Specifications

The cut quality will be similar to that of a stationary saw, but the performance and mobility are far superior. The perfect collaboration on the quarry floor would be to start with the Marini machine and finish with the Schwing. 

  • 126-degree tip range
  • 26-degree tilt range
  • 66-degree swivel range
  • 20 km/h speed 
  • 7 meters telescope
  • 5 meters reach
  • 3.4 meters cutting depth
  • 20-40 meters per second diamond wire speed
  • Less than 3-meter transport width on a flatbed

Add The Schwing MDS-5034 To Your Quarry Equipment Line-Up!

Reach out to the Eurostone team today, and let’s discuss your quarry equipment needs. 

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