ThE Simecwire difference

Innovative Design

Innovative Design



Maximum Performance

Maximum Performance

Features of Simecwire

SIMEC - Structural quality of the machin

Structural Design - 

These machines are known for their two-column structure that ensures a high level of rigidity and no vibration.

SIMEC - Configuration of the Product

Cutting Widths - 

SW - 1200 mm
SW - 1600 mm 
SW - 2000 mm

SIMEC - Choice of the diamond wire accor

Diamond Wire Diameters -


SIMEC - Double tensioning system

Wire Double Tensioning System - 

The system has two different modes. First, the pre-tensioning mode, which allows for fast and simultaneous movement of all pulleys. The pre-tensioning mode quickly helps the multi-wire reach the tension point. The system is used in the reverse direction to remove the obstruction of the tensioners and allow the operator access to reposition the wires. - The second mode is the Final Tensioning mode, where there is independent tensioning for each pulley with very high precision. 

SIMEC - Motor controlled by inverters_jp

Motor Controlled by Inverters - 

The main control of the SIMECWIRE is an electric motor driven by an inverter. The main control allows for a precise and fluid variation of the rotation speed. It also provides for the optimization of the wire speed according to the type of material being cut.

The machine can be equipped with different motors depending on the material being cut and to the number of wires used. 

SIMEC - Cutting acchitecture

Cutting Architecture - ​

The three-point cutting architecture used on all the SIMECWIRE models allows for easy managing of the diamond wire.

The tensioning pulleys, located in the lower part of the machine, facilitates better control of the operating pressure. This remarkably reduces the risk of damages in case of accidental wire breakage, reduces downtime at the end of the cut, and offers a greater down feed. The design on the Simec-wire assures maximum safety.