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Meet Dwayne Guillot: Service Technician at Eurostone

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Exceptional individuals like Dwayne Guillot shape our company’s culture and elevate the standards of customer service. With an impressive background as a Navy maintenance mechanic and personal financial counselor, Guillot brings a unique blend of technical expertise and interpersonal skills to his role as a service technician. Let’s dive into his story and explore how he continues to make a positive impact at Eurostone.

Career Path

Dwayne Guillot’s career began in the United States Navy, where he dedicated 24 years of service. During this time, he honed his mechanical skills while working on submarines, an experience he cherished. However, it was the personal side of his role that genuinely resonated with him. As a trained Navy personal financial counselor, Guillot found fulfillment in helping young recruits navigate their finances and personal lives, shaping them into productive citizens for the Navy.

Following his retirement from the Navy, Guillot transitioned to a position overseeing 42 mechanics at a nuclear power plant for six years. After his time there, he moved to Georgia to continue his expertise in operating systems and collaborating with mechanics. 

Guillot’s impressive skill set and dedication caught the attention of Eurostone, leading to a job offer that he eagerly accepted. Since joining the company a year and a half ago, Guillot has become an essential member of the Eurostone team. His passion for building relationships and helping others grow professionally aligns perfectly with Eurostone’s commitment to exceptional customer service.

Balancing Personal and Professional Growth

Guillot’s typical week involves visiting various quarries and providing training and maintenance support. Monday mornings find him on the 5:20 AM Delta flight, and returning home at the end of the week. During his visits, Guillot works on all Eurostone machines but focuses primarily on chainsaws. While he occasionally collaborates with an Italian technician or a technician from another company, most weeks, Guillot operates independently.

At Eurostone, Guillot is still finding a unique outlet for his personal side of the job. He recently spent a week in Texas, working closely with a 25-year-old operator, teaching him how to operate and maintain a chainsaw. Through ten hours of daily work and engaging conversations, Guillot witnessed firsthand the growth of this young operator, who eventually advanced to a supervisory position at another quarry. Building strong relationships with his colleagues and seeing their progress remains one of the most rewarding aspects of Guillot’s work.

Guillot Goes Above and Beyond 

To ensure he stays up-to-date with the latest industry advancements, Guillot has spent time with vendors in Italy in order to provide factory-authorized service and received comprehensive training there to enhance his skills. With this extensive knowledge, he can provide top-notch service to Eurostone’s customers.

Guillot’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond routine maintenance visits. He understands the importance of building solid relationships with Eurostone’s clients and frequently checks in with them to ensure their equipment is performing optimally. These courtesy calls, made at Eurostone’s expense, exemplify the company’s dedication to after-sales service and underscore Guillot’s role as the sole agent responsible for equipment sales and customer service in the United States.

Click here to reach out to Dwayne for any of your service needs. 

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