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MEC Machines: Manual VS Automatic Stone Splitters

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MEC has revolutionized the stone industry with its automatic splitters, but we understand that there are times when you’ll need a manual splitter. Below, we’ve outlined the benefits and differences of each along with models you should know about. 

Manual stone splitters

Manual splitters allow you to decide exactly when and how to split your stone. They’re designed to split irregular stone and can work in quarries or stone processing factories. 

There are closed and open-frame designs of manual splitters. 

Examples of manual stone splitters:

PX Series

  • Mechanical teeth
  • Maximum speed
  • Splits in one step
  • Chisels mechanically align as the split is being made

PH Series: 

  • Hydraulic teeth
  • Problem-free splitting
  • Uniform splitting power across the entire stone
  • Works on more kinds of stone and more surfaces than any other machine

C Series: 

  • Mechanical teeth
  • Fast manual splitting
  • The operator can make adjustments directly in front of the working table 

Click here for more details about the differences between the PX, PH, and C Series.

Automatic stone splitters

Automatic splitters do just what their name suggests – they automatically split stones. They’re designed for high-volume systems such as an automatic loading and unloading system or a palletizing system. 

Automatic splitters have closed frame designs and are used on regular or sawn blocks or strips. 

Examples of automatic stone splitters:

Kubo Series:

  • Small automatic system
  • Splits strips or long slice materials
  • Built to obtain veneers, small tiles, and cobblestones
  • Recovers waste from the stone cutting 
  • Very short cycle times and high levels of production

PXA Series

  • A PX, H frame machine machine with full automation added
  • Configured with conveyors and sensors to operate faster and more independently than anything else available 
  • Can operate at high rates of speed and with fewer operators
  • Layout of the lines can be very flexible with 90 degree turns and pushers to automatically feed slaved machines along the line
  • Great for cobbles, pavers, curbs or other larger pieces
  • Built to specific customer requirements in power, size, integration with other machines, speed, and feeding/takeaway systems
  • Latest in touchscreen controlled computers
  • A unique versatility 

MEC is the go-to when it comes to stone splitters. Whether you need a manual or automatic system, MEC is the way to go – and we have you covered. Let’s talk today. We’ll help ensure you get the right machine for your facility.

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