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MEC Machines for Granite Processing

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Granite is one of the most versatile types of rock and is well suited for plenty of projects, from flooring to curbs and everything in between. Granite is extracted from quarries in blocks and there are many different machines for granite processing out there. How do you know which one is right for you? 

At Eurostone, we’re here to help you discover the right granite machine for your quarry. We’ll conduct a thorough analysis to determine your needs and the MEC machine(s) best suited for you. Here are some of those examples. 

Pitching One

Pitching One machines are designed to achieve specific finishes on granite. It’s an automatic system with four rotating heads, which can round the edges of split granite. 

Series C

Series C blades evenly distribute the splitting power of the machine and help give you a seamless, high quality result. 

PXA Series

The PXA series includes automatic splitting machines which are faster and easier to run than any other machine. 

PX Series

PX series machines are lightweight and allow you to optimize your splitting and processing. 

P4 Series

The main Thing that sets the P4 Series apart is that it includes four blades to give you a more accurate splitting. 

Kubo Series

Kubo series machines are automatic and create strips and granite cubes, to be used in homes or street construction. 

Fast Series

The Fast Series utilize diamond blades and are designed specifically to reduce the thickness of split granite. 

Half Series

The Half Series can automatically split one granite block into two pieces.

MDC Series

The MDC Series machines can easily refine products directly on site and are very light and easy to carry. 

Ready to see which machine(s) would be best for your unique needs? Reach out to us and we’ll begin the process. 

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