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Marini Machines Can Be Used In Many Applications

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The Marini Quarries Group is a leader in the production of machines known for their diversity. They can be used in many applications in drilling and diamond wire cutting for marble and granite quarries, as well as in civil engineering and foundation drilling. 

Working in over 40 locations around the world, Marini produces drilling and diamond wire cutting equipment that have a high cutting capacity, low wire consumption and offer full control of the cutting process. 

Marini was founded in 1975 by Marini Giuliano, and they are owned today by Zaninetti Valter and Ferraro Massimo. The Marini Quarries Group operates in a modern industrial plant near the Swiss border. 

There are 25 different models of Marini machines for the quarry sector and more than 30 subdivided into five production lines for civil engineering. 

Marini Machines

Wire Saws for Marble

Marini’s diamond wire cutting saws for marble, granite and civil engineering applications offer high cutting capacity and low wire consumption. Marini also always has spare machine parts ready for these saws.

Check out the full list of wire saws and machine specs here. 

Hydraulic Drills

Marini’s hydraulic quarry drills are built in-house, have high drilling output, and are quick and easy to position. 

Wire Saws for Granite

These diamond wire sawing machines with variable speeds are suitable for all granite.

Pneumatic Drills

Marini pneumatic drilling units are suitable for bench primary drilling and block squaring. All of the parts for the drills are built in-house and this allows for each Marini customer to have easy access to parts they need. 

If you are interested in a Marini machine but don’t know yet what you need or which machine is right for you, reach out to us and we’ll conduct a N.E.A.D.S. analysis to determine which is correct for you. 

At Eurostone, we want to help you find the perfect machine solution. Let’s schedule a consultation today!

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