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Marini Introduces New Giraffa 360 HV

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The Marini Quarries Group, one of the worldwide leaders in the production of quarry drills, recently introduced the Giraffa 360 HV, its new mobile hydraulic unit.

Here are some highlights and benefits of Marini’s new quarry drilling machine.


  • Completely Remote Controlled: This hydraulic drilling unit is completely remote-controlled, can be operated by a single user and was built to work without any restrictions. The 360 HV is the product of years of technological innovations and advancements by The Marini Quarries Group in the world of quarry drills. 
  • High productivity: The ease and flexibility of use by this machine at your quarry mean that this machine can run faster and longer, which will help you increase productivity at your quarry. All of Marini’s machines also boast a high drilling output. 
  • Low energy use: The machine is also built to use less energy, and this helps you save on the production costs at your quarry, as well. 
  • Customizable: The Marini Giraffa 360 HV has built-in features to allow you to attack any project, customizable to the specific needs of your quarry. 


This mobile hydraulic unit is outfitted with a 150HP engine, weighs in at 64,000 lbs and can drill up to 13.1 feet—it also has a built-in dust collection system.

One of the greatest features of this newest version of the Giraffa is the user’s ability to rotate the machine’s turret a full 360 degrees for access to all sides of a stone block. The drill’s mast can also rotate separately from the turret.

The machine’s undercarriage also extends up to 12 feet, which helps provide added stability to the machine as it prepares to drill on any flat, decline, or inclined surface. The machine can start drilling immediately from zero level and be easily adjusted by the operator for precise positioning. 

Marini is working in more than 40 locations worldwide to produce hydraulic and pneumatic drills for dimensional stone quarries. You can learn more about Marini’s full line of drills here, or reach out directly to see if the Giraffa 360 HV may be the right machine for you!

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