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Maema Offers Best in Rough Stone Machines

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Textured stone is extremely popular around the world, and Maema is one of the leading Italian machine manufacturers that specializes in machines that create different surface finishings.

Maema has machines built to handle marble, granite, natural stone and composite stones. 

They’ve been at the forefront of innovation for years developing machines that are faster, cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly. 

This experience has helped them develop new approaches to various techniques of brushing, brush hammering, water flaming, chiseling and grooving. 

If you’re looking to put a rough finish on a stone or marble slab, then Maema is the best place to start. 

Here are some of Maema’s machines and their capabilities:

Torch Flaming Machines

Maema can provide from 1-5 torches depending on your requirements. Each of these machines has a bridge that moves vertically, which allows it to cut materials at a variety of different thicknesses

What’s special about this machine?

  • Fully galvanized design 
  • Electric motor that makes precise movements 
  • Can be expanded to combine different finishes

These machines have a flame that is directly applied to generate a thermal change at 1100 degrees Fahrenheit, roughening the surface of the stone. 

Water Flaming Machines

Maema has a patented system for flaming with high-water pressure that allows for surface finishing of hard and soft materials.

  • Working pressure of up to 29,000 PSI
  • Bridge that moves vertically on its slide

Straight, curved and crossed grooving is possible, and you can adjust the depth and pattern in an infinite number of ways. 

Bush Hammering Machines

These machines apply surface treatment to each piece of stone through pneumatic hammers or rotating plates. These machines also utilize a bridge that moves vertically. You can customize these tools depending on the degree of finish you need and your production requirements. 

Scratching Machines

Maema’s scratching machines have rotating rollers that make scratches on each stone material. They utilize a vertical bridge that allows for a wide range of stone thicknesses.

The finished product has a deep grooving effect on the stone’s surface.

Stone Deck Machines

This is a machine that has been patented by Maema for rough finishing. It uses high-pressured water.

The machine can use different kinds of water nozzles and rotating heads. 

The stone deck machine has an independent bridge based on four different columns that keep the cross slide for movements of the main working group.


These machines have pneumatic tool attachments that strike the stone at a high speed. The operator can employ different movements of the tool and this creates a variety of different effects on the stone. 


The brushing stone machines are used to create an aging effect on the different materials. There’s a series of rotating brushes that pass over the stone to create the effect. 

You can request different specifications for the tools from the manufacturer. The machine also has an independent bridge that moves vertically opposite the slide that moves from left to right, which allows it to cut the stone at different thicknesses. 


The Stonegrater machine uses different pneumatic chisel tips that are of different sizes and shapes. This allows the user to have complete control of every single movement the Stonegrater makes. This gives you the control to create both standard finishings as well as any specially designed finish.

Maema has been innovative in its use of technology and research to develop the best machines on the market. They work together with stone facility owners and operators to establish a real partnership so they can work alongside you for the entire lifecycle of the machine you purchase.

Learn more about Maema machines here

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