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Maema machines that achieve rough stone finishes

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Marble, granite, concrete and natural stone add a certain level of beauty to any kitchen countertop or tile. These materials are great because they can withstand extreme heat and come in a variety of sizes and colors.

But there’s also an additional level of versatility that each of these stones presents. We often associate these stones with a glossy, smooth surface, but there are many different types of rough stone finishes that can be achieved to give another level of intricate detail to the stone.

This is what Maema specializes in. Maema is one of the leading Italian rough-stone machine manufacturers. They’ve been at the forefront of innovation for years developing machines that are faster, cost-effective, and more environmentally friendly. 

Below are a few of the types of machines and finishes that Maema can help your facility produce.


These machines make use of high-powered rotating brushes to create a rough, aged effect on a stone. You can adjust the number of brushes you use to generate more power and a different level of thickness on the finish. This machine uses a bridge for independent vertical movement of the slide, which moves from left to right on the stone. 

Brush Hammering

This machine uses different pneumatic hammers or rotating plates to hammer the stone to achieve the desired rough finish. It can be set to determine what degree of depth you need based on your production needs. 


Maema’s chiseling machines can alter a stone by using a pneumatic drill bit that strikes the stone at a high speed. You can customize different movements on the tool to create various designs on stone. 


This machine uses rollers to make scratches on the material and it utilizes a bridge that moves vertically, which allows the machine to create a wide range of stone thicknesses. The end result is a grooving effect on the surface of the stone. 


This machine is similar to both the scratching and chiseling machines, but the biggest difference is the operator’s flexibility to control and program every single movement each pneumatic tip makes. This allows for special finishings depending on what the operator has programmed.

Maema’s machines are built to handle any type of stone, and their years of experience have led to a superior product to its competitors. In short, if you’re looking to put a rough finish on any stone or marble slab, then Maema should be where you start.

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