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Fantini Gantry Chainsaw – SQB/P

Fantini Gantry Chainsaw - SQB/P




Gantry Chainsaw SQB/P

The SQB/P is a saw made for cutting blocks into slabs or squaring blocks for further processing. This is a gantry machine that runs on tracks to load as many blocks as necessary to achieve your production goals.

The cuts can be programmed using a computerized system. Once the cutting sequence is programmed, the machine operates in an automatic cycle. Automatic cycles allow you to cut even at night, without the need for an operator.


  • Installed power : 85 HP
  • Max. Cutting Width : 3,500/4,000 mm
  • Max. Cutting Height : 2,500 mm
  • Variable Chain Speed: 0-2 meters/ sec
  • Variable Arm Descent: 0-15 cm/min
  • Width of Cut: 27 mm – 38 mm


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