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Fantini Bench Chainsaw – 70RA/P.AO

Fantini Bench Chainsaw - 70RA/P.AO




Bench Chainsaw 70RA/P.AO


The 70RA is designed to make horizontal and vertical cuts on marble, limestone, and other tough stones without the need for water. This model comes in several configurations.

  • Either with an electric motor powered by a generator or the electrical grid or an onboard Kohler diesel motor.
  • The rails that the saw carriage travels on also comes in two configurations. A single rail section that uses the rack and pinion use the move the carriage on the rails to move the rail in front of the carriage. Once the carriage reaches the end of the rail you simply move the rail in the direction of travel. The multi-rails system can use any number of modular rails to make the rails for the carriage as long as you need.
  • It can also come with an Automatic entry and exiting system. Thanks to the presence of PLC and Encoders, its main feature is the ability to perform vertical and horizontal cuts in unattended mode by setting the cutting measurements (depth and length) before execution.


  • Cutting Depth: 16′ 9″ max
  • Cutting Speed: 5 in/min
  • Arm Rotation: 360°


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