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Is your Backlog Costing You Sales in Your Production Facility?

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Is your backlog costing you sales in your production facility? It’s easy to lose time and money when production gets backed up. But what if you could take the human aspect out of the equation for a more efficient production?

Here’s how we recently helped a quarry work through this problem. 

Their biggest problem:

“Our backlog on architectural cut stone was too long and causing us to lose sales. Although we spent time and money trying to solve the problem, the workforce inevitably reverted back to old practices.”

Once we identified bottlenecks, we created a 2-phase solution that would take the human element out of the equation in order to increase efficiency. 

“We now have turned that backlog of work into money, we are no longer losing business because of our lead time, and we have reduced our workforce by 50% in that area.”

The detailed solution:

Phase 1: 

We used a bridge saw and a 4-head finishing machine, then came up with a 7-step automatic solution for loading, finishing, cutting, and unloading:

  1. Automatically load pieces from the existing sawing line.
  2. Pieces go through the finishing process.
  3. An automatic nesting software provides a cut solution.
  4. The bridge saw executes that cutting solution.
  5. The sawing of that solution created by the software.
  6. Finished pieces are automatically taken from the unloading belt and palletized vertically.
  7. Product is ready for delivery.

Phase 2: 

In a few years, we’ll install gangsaws to replace their current sawing solution and add much higher production, adding another 4x jump in throughput, a 200% increase. This replacement will be a gangsaw and cut-to-size line.

Need help finding the right solution for your quarry or fabrication facility? We’ll conduct a thorough 5-step N.E.A.D.S. analysis to determine the right solution, including the right machines, for you. Start by reaching out to us here.

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