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Integrating Technology for Enhanced Simec Machine Performance

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The stone and quarry industry has evolved dramatically since the days of picks and chisels. With constant innovation and rapidly accelerating change in the available technology, our industry’s tools have been modified to keep up. Here are some of the ways SIMEC machine performance has progressed by integrating new technology.  


High levels of precision and reliability are standard with IMAGESHARE MATRIX 4.0. It enables the machinery to record extensive details about the material and the processing via a fully automated system. There are no delays due to the image population or material changes – it all happens seamlessly. 

The software system that powers this tool is fully integrated to offer additional functionality, including:

  • Material certification management
  • Virtual warehouses
  • Online slab sales
  • Nesting
  • Mock-ups
  • Laying simulations 

This innovative tool helps to seamlessly automate necessary functions of the quarry business to reduce operating costs, reduce downtime, increase productivity, and make a quarry manager’s life just a little easier. 

SIMEC At Work Across The Globe

In Italy: Stone Sales

IMAGESHARE MATRIX 4.0 has been installed and humming along since 2020 at the MARMO ELITE location, a distinguished Verones company renowned for premium quality international market stones. The advanced technology of this system is well-respected for its industrial reliability and exquisite quality.

In Taiwan: Automated Cut-To-Size Plant

Bao Der Marble in Taiwan adopted the fully automated SIMEC system in their stone-cutting plant. 

The complete Bao Der Marble system includes:

  • Automatic loading system
  • Marking station (defect identification)
  • PRO OPTIMIZER EVO station (material photos and optimization)
  • Automatic longitudinal cutting machine
  • Conveyance system
  • Drying station
  • Labeling and unloading system

Since the earliest implementation cycle, the plant has demonstrated high overall productivity and efficiency, further cementing SIMEC’s position as a leader in the space. 

SIMEC Machines In The USA

The same high-quality Italian engineering is available to quarries in the USA. Browse here to see our extensive line of SIMEC machines and products available. 

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