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How To Winterize Your Machines

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As summer fades and the cold winter months loom ahead of us, it’s important to plan ahead and protect your machinery. Here are a few tips to ensure your quarry is ready for action come spring. 

Perform Any and All Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance or preventative maintenance is important any time of year, and in the slower months, there’s plenty of time for it.

Check All Fluid Levels

Ensure that everything is topped up or switched out for seasonally appropriate fuel and fluids before storing for the winter.

Inspect Engine Parts

Go over the engine, transmission, and connections with a fine-toothed comb. Anything that has run its last stone (or close) should be removed and replaced. 

Grease All Joints, Hinges, and Tracks

This step is often overlooked in preparation for the winter season. However, if you don’t store it greased up and ready to work, you may have trouble getting it to run smoothly when needed.

Check For Any Damage

Now is the time to review every square inch of your quarry machines for dents, rust, or any form of damage. Make the necessary repairs before storing for the winter so you’re ready to fire it up come spring. 

Inspect the Hydraulics

Hydraulic fluids should be checked or replaced during winterization. During this process, inspect the hoses for any cracks or swelling. 

Stock Up On Spare Parts

Nothing is worse than the start of a new season when you find necessary repairs but have no replacement parts. Something always goes wrong when you least expect it. 

Plan ahead to expect the unexpected and stock up on spare parts now. Fill out this form here, and we’ll get you squared away: https://www.eurostoneusa.com/service-and-spare-parts/

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