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How to Establish Quarry Safety

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Safety should always be a top priority in your facility. What measures are you taking to establish quarry safety and keep your employees (and products) safe? Here are some tips to ensure you’re doing that. 

Before you begin:

  • Know the weights of the bundles and slabs that are being moved in order to ensure they don’t exceed capacity
  • Ensure there are at least two people: a lift operator and a spotter
  • Loads should be lifted slowly
  • Slabs should be inspected for cracks or fissures
  • Never lift wet slabs
  • Avoid tipped or dropped slabs

Around a machine:

  • Stay in the safe zone
  • Stay in the driver’s line of site
  • Never walk directly in front of a machine
  • Know the machine’s route and stay out of it
  • Maintain a distance of 20 feet of clearance from customers or others who are not directly involved with the machinery

When lifting slabs:

  • Never lift more than one slab or bundle at a time
  • Lift slowly and wait 2-3 seconds before completing in order to allow the load to settle
  • Inspect calves before any move 
  • Clear your path of travel 

Setting down a slab:

  • Stay in sight of the driver
  • Always give the driver instructions and guidance

It’s vital to ensure your quarry or fabrication facility remains safe for all those involved. If you have any questions about how to do this or how to get the most out of your machines, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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