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How Simec Automation Allows you to Cut Without an Operator

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Simec’s automation allows you to cut stone without an operator quickly and automatically. 

The benefits

What if you could still be productive over night without the need for personnel?

That’s what Simec’s automation allows you to do. Once it’s set up, the machine can work completely autonomously, even throughout the night. 

But how do you know if something gets interrupted? 

The machine will signal any anomalies via email so you never have to worry. 

Quickly program cuts with the laser system

Through a simple cut acquisition system assisted by a laser display or micrometric bar (optional), the operator is able to set the necessary cuts on several blocks quickly and with absolute precision.

Simec Speedtronic

The machine, after programming the cuts, processes the information and decides independently where to move quickly and where to cut at the set speed.

End of cut management

You can decide to stop cutting just before the end, so you don’t have to insert spacers between the various sizes and make unattended work possible, even at night.

Installable outdoors

The quality of the solutions and materials used by Simec makes it possible to install the machine also outside the factory, near the block depot. 

Block squaring

By using an optional rotating trolley, the machine can automatically square blocks. Cut your blocks quickly and automatically with the quality of Simec monowires.

Ready to see Simec in action, save time and money, and discover the difference that productivity levels like this can make? We’re here to help you get started

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