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How Photo Technology Can Help You Sell Slabs Better

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SIMEC’s IMAGESHARE MATRIX 4.0 allows you to take professional pictures of your slabs and create an online archive for your buyers. It simplifies the selling process by allowing your customers to see exactly what they’ll be getting. It’s the technology that “lets you process stone even at night.”

How it works:

Slab inspection

Test and certify a slab remotely with greater accuracy than an in-person inspection. 

Virtual warehouse

Create a high-resolution virtual warehouse of all your slabs using the images produced from the machine. This makes slab management simple at your office or remotely.

Web storage

Your virtual warehouse can be organized for online sales, saving you time. 

Pre-design applications

Your slab images can be used for nesting, mocking up with or without vein matching, or laying simulations. This gives your potential customers an idea of exactly what they’ll be getting with their slabs. 

Advantages of IMAGESHARE MATRIX 4.0:

  • Because it’s a fully automatic imaging system, there’s no need for adjustments when scanning different materials
  • It produces extremely high-resolution photos that are chromatically faithful to the original
  • Its LED lighting system gives it high color rendering
  • It’s able to automatically extract your slab from the background
  • It has a dimensional detection of the scanned slabs as well as related internal and external commercial useful areas
  • No need to change settings as material changes; you can easily highlight any defects on the screen to be taken into account in subsequent processing

Are you ready to see how IMAGESHARE MATRIX 4.0 can help you sell more slabs? We’d love to answer any questions you may have about this machine and conduct an analysis to determine if it’s right for you. Start a conversation here.

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