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Get to Know: Justin Fleming, Eurostone Quarry Foreman

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A Quarry Subcontracting Service is an important part of the quarry industry. We recently announced this new Quarry Service offering from Eurostone to help you hit benchmarks in your quarry and ensure the highest level of production.

Through our Quarry Services, you’ll get access to Marini Drills, Diamond Wire Saws and Fantini Quarry Chainsaws, but most importantly, you’ll get access to our Quarry Masters and their expertise. 

We are excited to announce the addition of our newest member to our Quarry Services Team, Quarry Foreman Justin Fleming. 

Justin was born in Elberton, Georgia. Elberton is centrally located between Athens, Georgia and Anderson, South Carolina, about 110 miles east of Atlanta.

Elberton is known as “The Granite Capital of the World,” because it produces more granite monuments than any other city in the world. So, Fleming says he was “born into the mining business.”

As a young adult growing up in Elberton, Justin spent summers during high school in the stone quarries and then went to work in them full-time when he graduated. 

Throughout his career, he has learned to operate every type of equipment typically found in a quarry; excavators, loaders, cranes, quarry drills and wire saws, to name a few. 

Most of his over 25-year experience has been in dimensional granite quarries, so he is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to working with hard stones. When he is not at the bottom of a quarry, Justin says he enjoys hunting and fishing.

Outsourcing work at your quarry

Think of outsourcing work at your quarry as adding another knowledgeable new member to your team.

If you hire Eurostone for our Quarry Subcontracting Service, a Quarry Foreman like Justin becomes an extension of your team, with the same goals as anyone else who works for you, but with the knowledge and access to equipment to help you improve your entire operation.

With this service, the Quarry Master is contracted by a Quarry Manager owner or operator to perform duties such as Stone Extracting, Cutting Blocks, Wire Saw Cutting and Drilling for Wire Saw Use.

Learn more and see how you can get access to our Quarry Services here

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